Sale of scionwood and seeds

Since our production is limited we’d like to encourage you to grow your own trees from the scratch. It’s easy and ultimately much more fun! Besides, you will save on travelling costs. Start first with planting the seeds for the rootstock then graft it later with your desired variety. Order soon. Scionwood and seeds will be dispatched November – March.

Prices: 5.00 € per 25cm wood, 2.00 € per packet of seeds, Postage & Packing – 6.00 € (Europe), 12.00 € (Rest of the World), Minimum order value of goods: 10.00 €  Please send money through PayPal to info@bambusarium.cz. Your payment will be confirmed.

Scionwood 2018/19

Diospyros kaki:

Costata, Great Wall, Hao River, Krym (Hyakume), Sheng, Tone Wase.

Diospyros virginiana:

Early Golden, Juhl, Knightsville, Mohler, Prok, Lena, H-63A, H-118, H-120, I-93A, U-20A, WS 8-10, 100-45, 100-46

Diospyros virginiana x kaki:

Rosseyanka, Nikitskaya Bordovaya, Hoverla, Roman Kosh, Sosnovskaya, Chuchupaka, Bozhiy Dar (Gift of God), Pixie (fruiting male)

Ziziphus jujuba:

GA-866, Halina, Koktebel, Lang, Nitra, Shaanxi-Li, Sihong, Sugar Cane, Ja-Tsao, Priest

Pawpaw (Asimina triloba):

Halvin, Kentucky Champion, LaFleur 21, Overleese, Prima 1216, Ruby Keenan, Sibley, Summer Delight, Sweet Virginia, VE-21, Lehman’s Delight (275-48).

Seeds 2018/19

Diospyros virginiana – collected from the varieties – 20 seeds/pkt

Diospyros lotus – 30 seeds/pkt

Asimina triloba – 10 seeds/pkt

Asimina triloba “Improved” – collected from the best varieties – 5 seeds/pkt

Ziziphus jujuba – 10 kernels/pkt (we suggest to crack open the kernels and remove the seeds for sowing)





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